How to Improve SEO

Getting your website up and running requires SEO strategies. Visit this blog to learn more about improving SEO.

How to Improve SEO

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Stack Endless Options? Seek Economic Offers? No no, it’s Search Engine Optimization. Come on, we've talked about it already. But now we’re back to ask a whole bunch of other questions. You’ve read the first blog, you thought you were ready to kill it, but then you realized, your work is missing something. How can you step up your SEO game? Sit back and let me start yapping.

First of all, let’s do a quick recap of everything so we make sure that you’re on the right track.

What Is Google SEO?

Google SEO or SEO in general, is the process of improving the positioning and appearance of your website in organic search results. It’s your savior when it comes to improving your business site to gain more traffic on search engines, like Google or Bing, for example, so your website would appear on the top of the search results whenever someone searches for something related to your business.

The more visibility you have at the top of the search results, the more customers and followers your business will gain over time. And that’s what makes it the holy grail of the digital or online marketing business as we’ve mentioned before. Now that you remembered SEO’s meaning in business, let’s remember the next point.

How Does SEO Work?

They use certain factors to estimate how well a webpage or a website can give the searcher what he’s looking for. Thus, the more you optimize your website to be SEO friendly, the more traffic you will gain, and the more your business will grow. So all you need to do is make a good SEO strategy that will make these crawlers fall in love with your website.

So far so good? Awesome! Now let’s dive into the topic of

How To Improve SEO

There’s no doubt that you should always update and improve your SEO strategy and especially on Google. Almost three out of every four searches start on Google and the first five or 6 results always get the clicks. To be more precise, they get 67% of them.

Being among these first 6 results is no easy task, but if you invest enough time and effort you’ll always be one of them gaining more success, traffic, and followers. Follow me through these simple and essential steps for a successful SEO strategy that will keep you at the top among the elites.

Being in Google’s index is more important than you think. Since it’s the most used search engine of all, your website must do good on it. So first of all, you need to check whether you’re on it or not because if you’re not on it, that means that no one will ever find your website on Google.

Here’s what you need to do. Do a quick search of your website’s home URL. If it was in the results, you’re good to go and start improving your Google SEO.

But if it wasn’t, you should check for these issues:

An additional step you can take to make it easier for Google to crawl your website is to submit a sitemap. It’s basically a file on your website that informs search engines about any change or new pages on your website.

High-quality relevant and authoritative content can never be substituted with anything in the world. This is what differentiates your website and makes it stand out more than any other. Before I keep going on this subject I want to give you a quick word of wisdom from the SEO bible, don’t ever sacrifice good high-quality writing to SEO.

What do you prefer to have? A great and rich content that has essential keywords for people to find it, or a huge load of keywords that’ll get people to bad content? The choice is yours. Speaking of keywords, let me tell you a thing or two about that matter.

Keywords are simply the breadcrumbs that will get people to find your website the same way it helped Hansel and Gretel to navigate their way through the forest. As highly effective and essential as they are, they could be the end of your SEO journey if they were misused so be careful with this double-edged sword. To make the perfect keyword analysis to get to the perfect keywords, do your research first.

Think how your reader might search for that specific subject, search online to and see what are the most used keywords for that specific matter, determine the most highlighted words, then use them to your advantage. And think about adding a little more to that by using keyword phrases. They’re phrases that consist of multiple keywords and adding them to your content can be much more helpful. To make the best use of them, make sure to place them the right way.

Keywords or keyword phrases should be in page URL, page title, headings, and subheadings. But you don’t want the same word to be repeated in any of the places I’ve just mentioned. Adding them to your content is always a good idea too, but please remember that you’re dealing with a double-edged sword that could be a blessing or a curse. You’re the one to decide. Another good place to use keywords and keyword phrases are in the metadata.

Amid these SEO optimization tips that your friendly SEO consultant is giving you, this one should get some extra attention. Metadata is the summary that will give the searcher a hint about what he’s going to find on your website and his click is highly influenced by this exact summary. You have to give him something to click for.

Your job is to create the best meta description and meta title possible to get all the clicks in the world. To add more benefit to it, add an ultimate keyword or keyword phrase so you’ll gain both the traffic and the appearance. But careful, word count here counts.

Can you say that quickly 10 times? No? Let me tell you what I mean by that. There’s a certain number of characters for the meta title and the meta description. If you cross it, you won’t be doing yourself a favor. So make sure to stick to 60 characters for the meta title, and 160 characters for the meta description. Speaking of giving people something to click for, get this.

One of SEO’s underrated yet effective tools. Have you ever noticed when you’re searching for something on Google that there’s a box in the middle of the results page that says (people also ask)? This box contains various questions about the same topic you’re searching for. If you made sure to always have an answer to all of the questions inside this box, you’ll never have to worry about low traffic on your website again.

If you always have an honest and reliable answer to your content for people’s questions, Google will start seeing you as a reliable source and will start recommending your website to people. This not only will keep your content updated with fresh information, but will also make your website a link-worthy place.

If your content always provides readers with correct, authentic information, if your website is the guide for all the lost wanderers of the internet who are seeking a reliable source to answer their questions, that will make your website the perfect place for reference.

This means that you’ll always keep attracting links from other websites. This way, your SEO will be invincible. To make your website the ultimate place to visit that has everything an internet user could dream of, improve the users’ experience and for the love of god, speed it up.

Simply make each visit to your website count. Always give the people something to come back for. That includes the following:

Among other factors, these are the main ones to ensure a nice visit and a lot more visits for your users.

And last but certainly not least

Never forget to describe your media files using alt tags. They make it much easier for search engines to find and locate your website. Especially for people who use text-only browsers.